Greatest Singaporean Actors of All Time

It is needless to mention about the penchant of Singaporeans to arts and entertainment. The government of Singapore supports a large number of media related schools and colleges. It is vital to mention that broadcasting and entertainment of Singapore is one of the strategic media hubs of Asia- Pacific region.

The media sector accounts for major part of the gross income of the country. When it comes to the cinema of Singapore; the history reveals that prior to its independence during 1940s and 50s the film industry of Singapore was at its highest peak of success but, it crashed soon after its independence. However the year 2005 saw a mini boom in the Singaporean film industry.

Here’s a list of top 10 all time famous Singaporean actors winning hearts of people in the country and abroad:

1.Adam Chen (born 24 June 1976)

A civil engineer by profession at the National University of Singapore started his career in the glamour world with a talent show of the SPH Media Works.

He has the credit for working in number of print and television commercial and has also hosted the TV series Yummy Mummy.

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