Top 15 Highest Paying Jobs In Singapore

15. Trade Broker (Including oil and bunker trader)

Trade broker has earnings of $12,156,which is almost the same as that of Marine Superintendent Engineer. Being a trade broker is a good idea since export and importing of goods in Singapore constitutes one of the highest contributors of GDP.

In 2013, Singapore became the 21st largest exporter in the world, top exports of Singapore being redefined Petroleum which represent 24.1% of the total exports of Singapore. Also, Singapore is the third largest refining center in the world. Total trade volume throughout its ports is 4 times the size of its GNP, the highest in the world.

It has one of the busiest shipping ports in the world. Well, Singapore is one of the world’s biggest financial centre, IT hub and also shipping exporter, which all gives rise to very decent jobs you see here in this list today. An eye-opener, isn’t it ?

With that said, do take the salary figures here with a pinch of salt. Numbers should never be your compass in making decisions. Consider various factors such as your own proficiency and passion as well, highlighted in our guide on choosing courses. If you do well in your chosen field, we are sure you will not only earn well, but be a very happy person!

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