How To Own These 5 Fancy New Cars In Singapore (Even With A Low Income)


Mazda 3

If you’d paid a little more attention to the road, you might have noticed more Mazda 3’s zooming around than you can remember. It is fast becoming that dependable everyday sedan and more. The ‘more’ exists in the form of the car’s styling, which sports curvaceous lines for that modernistic appearance.

The ‘more’ also closes the gap with their continental counterparts with features such as the sunroof and heads-up display. Although the back seat may come across as compact as with the nature of the sedan, there is no lack of comfort as you get from Point A to B. It is thus not hard to imagine why the Mazda 3 is gaining even more ground among car shoppers and it remains a must-have for rental car companies’ fleet.


Price: $102,800*

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