How To Own These 5 Fancy New Cars In Singapore (Even With A Low Income)


Driving with Grab: Turn losses into profits

With weekly incentives, ride options such as GrabShare (you could earn 40% more on fares by picking up multiple passengers!) and new driver’s app features such as Back2Back jobs (accept a nearby job while still in a job), you could be looking at limitless earning potential and have no mean-faced boss micro-manage you.

According to this report on Grab by TODAYonline, you would have learned two things: a good chunk of Grab drivers is actually really young, and profits could go as high as $6,000 a month (after deducting petrol and rental). Of course, there is the other extreme end cited in the same article, where a driver earns about $600 a week. We would have to adjust for a more prudent figure here since monthly car loan repayments are at least twice as high as rental costs.


But are those a realistic reflection of your income potential? On their website, Grab estimates that a driver earns an average of $38/hour during peak hours and $30/hour otherwise. Using that as a gauge, let’s tabulate the disposable income of a Grab driver who goes full throttle 5 days a week:

Disposable income per month is $3,188. Not too shabby!

No matter what, one thing is for sure. Whether you are driving full time with Grab, or you are driving part-time during weekends as a means of income supplement, being one step closer to your dream car is only as far-fetched as Singapore producing her own supercar that can fly to 100km/h in a freaky 2.7 seconds. Hey, we did that, didn’t we?

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