8 Jobs in Singapore That Pay More Than Yours

Credit: Weekender.com.sg

It was a usual dinner with my friends when the tiresome topic of occupations came up. Instead of divulging salaries and complaining about bosses, I was surprised to find the conversation centralized around the weirdest job positions they ever held. Get ready to go, “huh?”

How legit is this? The user was suspended sbsequently by the admin of SGClubHow legit is this? The user was subsequently suspended by the admin of SGClubForums

1. Information Retriever: $10^ per information

This is a sticky occupation. While I found information and rates of the other professions in this post easily, this one was much harder to source. Further reading into this thread led me to discover the potential pool of customers he had as most users inquired about his services quickly. Some expressed their doubts but the majority seemed to have someone in mind they wanted more information on. Due to his account suspension, no further information could be derived.

Imagine paying a $10 minimum for each detail. A name could be $10, an address could be $50 and a work location could easily be $50.

A trend that swept onto our shores, rent-a-crowd is getting increasingly popular

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