Top 10 Local Stars Who Had Surprising Jobs Before They Became Famous


10.Lee Teng

What he learned: How to approach strangers

Where he learned it: Working as a scout for a timeshare company

Lee Teng put his gift of the gab to good use when he worked as a scout for a travel timeshare company after his A-Level exams. His job involved distributing pamphlets and convincing couples to attend the sales pitch by the company. While speaking to strangers didn’t always come easy to the then-18-year-old, he relished the chance to step out of his comfort zone.

“This job taught me how to approach and speak to strangers, which laid the foundation for my [showbiz] career. When you are in school, you are in your comfort zone, so this is about stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something different,” he said.


“You also need to be thick skinned and be able to face rejection. It is a numbers game. If you are okay with being rejected then good but some people take it very personally. They will be demoralised.”

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