Top 10 Local Stars Who Had Surprising Jobs Before They Became Famous


3. Felicia Chin

What she learned: How to deal with stage fright

Where she learned it: Working as a show presenter at the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari

Growing up, Felicia held a lot of odd jobs, including working at a café and giving tuition classes. But as an 18-year-old who “didn’t want to work with humans”, Felicia relished working at the zoo.

“I didn’t want to work with humans, I love animals, but I realised that everywhere you go, you will have to work with humans!” Felicia laughed. “I took care of animals – like the sea otters, those that throw the cans in the bin, it was so cute, and I was able to cuddle them. I had to take care of them though, and clean their environment, and then at the end of the day I would host the Night Safari show and all.”


You’d think that hosting would be a piece of cake for Felicia, but this was prior to joining Star Search. Thankfully – or perhaps terrifyingly – the zoo forced her to confront her stage fright by putting her on stage after less than a week of training.

“I had training for five days, then I had to host the kids’ show where there with things like dogs, birds, cats, and rats. When I took the mic, my voice was trembling because I was so nervous, but I guess maybe from there you pick up how to be confident and face the crowd — it’s good training when you’re 18!”

Photo: Felicia Chin Facebook Page

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