Top 10 Local Stars Who Had Surprising Jobs Before They Became Famous


7. Dennis Chew

What he learned: How to arouse interest in disinterested people

Where he learned it: Relief teaching at RGPS

Even though it’s been almost two decades since Dennis Chew taught Chinese at Raffles Girls’ Primary School (RGPS), he still gets emotional when he talks about his stint as a relief teacher. His first week on the job was challenging as the students were very “ang moh pai” (Westernised) and didn’t like Chinese, but Dennis had his ways.

“I never want them to take out their text book. I will tell them my own stories with words that I need to teach them from the syllabus, so I make it interesting for them. I always believe that dramatic teaching, with lots of action and humor attracts them,” said Dennis, adding that his efforts paid off when he saw his students “change attitude wise and academic wise”.


“And it is the same with radio. This is something I apply to my job now to get listeners’ attention. I also think how you talk to students and people is very important. If you are very tactful and sensitive, people will listen to you when you start talking. And of course, you must always smile. Even in radio, you have to smile while you talk. If you don’t smile they will feel you are unfriendly.”

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