Here’re Malaysia’s Richest Men In 2017 And How They Got There

Image Credit: I3investor on Blogspot

Also ranked at #421 of the world’s billionaires, Yeoh Tiong Lay involves his entire family in the business, with his son Francis spearheading YTL corporation.

The Yeoh family is definitely one of the who’s who in business. Images of their swanky mansion went viral last year, showcasing the wealth that the family enjoys.

Despite a deteriorating economy at the time, Yeoh Tiong Lay insisted on sending his son Francis to school in Britain, and has since then donated £7 million to King’s College London to set up a research-based centre for Politics, Philosophy and Law.


In recent years following the Brexit vote, YTL (who already hold Wessex Water from Enron) are gunning for acquisitions in the UK.

“Not since 2008 has there been an opportunity to scout for assets at attractive prices till now,” said Francis Yeoh.

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