Here’re Malaysia’s Richest Men In 2017 And How They Got There

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Lim Kok Thay’s father arrived from China to Malaysia 50 years ago, with barely anything to his name. Through years of hard work, he was able to pass on his empire to his son.

In 2012, Lim Kok Thay donated $600,000 to 5 charities in Singapore for his 60th birthday.

This is in part due to Genting’s success from buying relatively unwanted highland real estate and turning into a successful empire, complete with a theme park and casinos.

Lim Kok Thay has taken what his father built and is expanding Genting’s global presence and influence.

They’re expecting to open Resorts World Las Vegas in 2019. The 20th Century Fox renovations to the Genting Themepark are also well underway.

On top of their more well-known business, the Genting group also owns Star Cruises, Crystal Cruises, and has a stake in palm oil. In fact, Lim Kok Thay has aims to be known as the “King of Asian Cruise” instead of inheriting his father’s crown as the “Casino King”.

Despite passing the age of 60, Lim Kok Thay has been described as a workaholic with his phone on 24-hours a day thanks to the rigours of running casinos internationally. But what really drives him is his passion for the business.

Lim Kok Thay has stated that he would continue as long as he still enjoys it.

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