Here’re Malaysia’s Richest Men In 2017 And How They Got There

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Another banker, Quek Leng Chan is the co-founder of Hong Leong Group Malaysia. He and his two brothers started a banking group together, with inherited wealth.

During the Singapore-Malaysia split in 1965, 21-year-old Quek Leng Chan came to Malaysia with an initial capital of RM700,00 to head operations here when no one else wanted to.

Now, he’s the second richest man in Malaysia, and the Quek family is also the 7th richest family in Asia.

He’s since resigned from his chairman position in Hong Leong Bank last year.


Quek Leng Chan has been described as “holding cards close to his chest”, but that he’s also a strategist “who does not jump just into anything”.

And since he’s described as still healthy, people are wondering where he will be heading next.

He is also known as an active big-name investor and his approach to business can be seen from his actions in that sector.

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