Meet 9 Of The Richest Women In Malaysia As Of 2017


5. Tan Kewi Yong—RM547.09 Mil

At an event in Pavillion, providing a donation check / Image Credit: The Star

Also known as Cindy, she began by pursuing her education in the UK, specialising in Business Studies. Building onto th is experience, Kewi Yong eventually accrued 30 years of business-related experience in everything from marketing, finance, to human resource management.


She is also a serial businesswoman and has been one of the important cogs in building many successful business ventures.

Now 60, Kewi was appointed as the Director of Malton Berhad since 2002, and is also the Executive Director of Pavilion REIT Management Sdn Bhd, which holds the Manager of Pavilion Real Estate Investment Trust.

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