Most Haunted Schools in Malaysia


Growing up in Malaysia, it’s not uncommon to hear ghost stories about the school you’re studying in. So it seems that, practically almost every school is supposedly haunted, especially the girls’ toilet for some reason.

Maybe because we used to be young and naive? Or maybe some paranormal activities actually did happen before? Who knows?

Here’s 8 of the most haunted schools in Malaysia:

8. Penang Free School

This probably doesn’t surprise most of us since it IS the oldest school in Malaysia and South East Asia! It was established since 1816 and being a school this old, haunted tales are sure to surface.

Stories such as flickering lights, rustling sounds at night are a common tale. Not sure whether it’s just because of the school’s old structure. There are also claims of a woman’s scream past midnight, allegedly the spirit of a tortured prisoner during the Japanese Occupation.


7. Chung Ling High School, Penang

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The school which was established in 1923 was taken over by the British Army to be used as a military hospital in 1941. During the Japanese Occupation in WW2, there was a massacre against the Chinese Malayan under the term Sook Ching aka “purging of Chinese”. Some the teachers and students from Chung Ling were even killed.

With the terrifying history of the school, it’s no wonder scary tales such as the massacred teachers and students seen roaming around the school. Hysteria was even mentioned to have happened in the school and several dogs would occasionally bark at nothing.

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