People Are Heartbroken By These Celebrity Breakups And We Totally Get Why

Over the years, we’ve seen celebrity couples come and go and while celebrity breakups seem to be the norm rather than the exception, there are still a handful of them we can’t seem to get over.

Here are 10 Singaporean celebrity couples we always thought were endgame but that just didn’t work out. Pass the popcorn.

1.    Vernetta Lopez & Mark Richmond

Here’s a real #tbt – DJs Vernetta Lopez and Mark Richmond were once in love and married. After 9 years together, this power couple annulled their marriage in 2003.

Vernetta recently published a book titled ‘Memoirs Of A DJ’, and in it she writes about how Mark cheated on her, as well as the events that followed after. Let’s just say current relationship status? Divorced and pissed off.

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