20 Places In Singapore That Are Now Gone Forever


3. A&W Boathouse at Sentosa

Known as Stewords Riverboat today:


Where: Sentosa Coastline
What: Built in 1991, this boat was home to Singapore’s floating A&W restaurant at Sentosa. Sadly, A&W fast food decided to move out from Singapore in 2003. 

This vessel has since been revamped, now known as Stewords Riverboat and relocated to Marina South Pier, housing Santa Fe Tex-Mex Grill and Breaking Bread.

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4. New World Amusement Park


Where: Jalan Besar, current City Square Mall

What: The first of three amusement parks, New World Amusement Park entertained night crowds along with Great World and Gay World. With exciting lineups such as a striptease, boxing matches, opera shows and cabaret girls, it was hardly surprising that the amusement park saw crowds ranging from labourers to Europeans. 


Under Shaw Organisation’s management, New World thrived for the next 40 years from 1923 until the 1960s when it faced competition from discos, shopping centres and television. New World finally closed for good in April 1987.

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