20 Places In Singapore That Are Now Gone Forever

11. East Coast Park McDonald’s


Where: Marine Cove in East Coast Park

What: After more than 30 years of service, the iconic East Coast Park McDonald’s closed its doors on 18 March 2012. Its landlord, the National Parks Board had plans for redevelopment in the area and this McDonald’s outlet is intended to be moved to a location 1.5km away, to East Coast Seafood Centre.

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12. Former Methodist Girls School (MGS) at Sophia Hill


Where: Sophia Hill

What: Founded on 15 August 1887, Miss Sophia Blackmore’s mission was to provide girls an education. Its humble beginnings saw nine girls whose fathers wanted them to be educated in a period where girls were not encouraged to go to school. Their fathers, who were all Tamil businessmen, donated money and furniture, and helped convert the rent-free shophouse into Tamil Girls’ School, the predecessor of MGS. In 1992, the overwhelming number of students resulted in the school’s shift to Blackmore Drive.

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