20 Places In Singapore That Are Now Gone Forever

13. Old National Theatre


Where: At the corner of Clemenceau Avenue and River Valley Road
What: To commemorate Singapore’s self-governing achievement in 1959, the National Theatre was erected as a public theatre for concerts, performances and conferences. 

It was selected as the venue for the first Southeast Asian Cultural Festival in 1963’s opening premiere, despite being only partially completed. In 1984, the theatre was declared structurally unsafe and closed. It was torn down in 1986 for the construction of an expressway.
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14. Old National Library


Where: Stamford Road 
What: A historical building, the Old National Library Building was completed in 1960. On 31 March 2004, the library was closed despite public dissent, and eventually demolished for the construction of Fort Canning Tunnel to ease traffic to the city. This move resulted in a greater awareness of Singapore’s cultural roots and gained greater public favour of heritage conservation.

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