10 Most Popular Secondary School Uniforms As Voted By Singaporeans

All of us have been through that phase or are going through it now – hating on our secondary school uniform and admiring other schools’ or flaunting your uniforms because it’s awesome.

Singapore schools mostly have decent-looking uniforms, with common ones such as all white, navy blue or duo coloured uniforms.

While these schools offer their students a peace of mind with their simple classic designs, there are other schools that wish for their students to pop right out in a crowd, either with exceptionally unique looking uniforms or simply so bad looking students feel almost unfortunate.

Note: the list is in no oder.

Here are 10 Secondary schools with the most unique uniforms if you haven’t been paying attention to them.

1. Ang Mo Kio Secondary school

Ang Mo Kio Secondary school

With their simple looking single colour uniform, Ang Mo Kio Secondary school’s uniform is indeed unique in their own way. The full attire of light turquoise-blue uniform without the tie reminds us of nurses. You’d wonder if any of them actually became nurses.

2. Yishun Town Secondary school

Yishun Town Secondary school

There are several schools in Singapore with brown coloured blouse and bottom. Yishun Town Secondary school is one of them, and it always reminds me of recycled paper.

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