Primary School Ranking 2018 – Singapore’s top 21 ranked – MOE

Level Two Awards

Sustained Achievement Award (SAA)

The SAA recognises schools’ ability in sustaining good outcomes over a number of years, in 3 areas: Aesthetics, Sports and Physical Health. Schools need to achieve an Achievement Award in the same category over 3 consecutive years before they are awarded the SAA.

Development Award (DA) and Outstanding Development Award (ODA) for Character Development

The DA and ODA recognizes schools that have put in place systems and processes for the effective development of students’ character.

DA and ODA for National Education

The National Education Awards recognise schools for their national education efforts. From the winners of the Outstanding Development Award for National Education, a maximum of 2 award recipients, one for the Primary School category and another for the Secondary School/Junior College/Centralised Institute category, will be selected for the Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) National Education (NE) Award. Introduced in 2002, this award is the pinnacle of the National Education Awards.

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