Richest Celebrities in Singapore 2019: Top 10 Billionaires


Singapore is home to a lot of celebrities and many of these celebrities are world-class celebrities. They are not only world-class but also wealthy. We have some specific ones known to be the richest. In this article, ‘Top 10 Richest Celebrities In Singapore 2019’, we’ll discuss celebrities appearing on our list of the top 10 richest Singaporean celebrities.

The universe has been incredibly generous to some people who made billions from their years of hard work and dedication, and sometimes out of pure luck or simply from being born into money. Singapore, meanwhile, is no stranger to billionaires, with more than 30 of them calling Down Under home.

Without digressing any longer, this very post is aimed at enlightening the general audience on Forbes’ latest ranking concerning the richest Singaporean. Quite a few, may assume the names of Singaporean richest celebrities are already known since these personalities have appeared year after year.

But just who is the wealthiest celebrity in Singapore? And just how much are they worth? Join us as we count down the 10 richest celebrities in Singapore

10 – Rebecca Lim Net Worth: US $ 23.9 million


Rebecca Lim is one of the most sought-after actresses in Singapore. The former Miss Photogenic, and top five in the Miss Singapore-Universe Pageant when she was 18, Rebecca has demonstrated her versatility and maturity as an actress in numerous prominent English and Chinese drama serials.

Effectively bilingual, she has played a diverse range of characters, including trainee lawyer Wendy Lim on The Pupil, the highly-acclaimed legal drama that won her the Best Actress Award at the Asian Television Awards in 2010.


Rebecca’s outstanding performance in Chinese drama The Dream Makers won her the Best Supporting Actress at Star Awards 2014. She then went on to clinch the Best Actress award for Yes We Can! in 2015.

She made her movie debut in the 2011 Chinese New Year comedy, Homecoming, followed by another movie production, The Ultimate Winner. She is slated to be female lead in the 2017 faith-based film 100 Yards, a Singapore-US-Philippines co-production.

9 – Adrian Pang Net Worth: US $ 25 million


Who is Adrian Pang and what is Adrian Pang Net Worth Salary and earnings 2018. How much Adrian Pang worth 2018 according to Forbes.Adrian Pang is a Malaysian born Singaporean host, actor and contracted artist works under the Fly Entertainment. Adrian first came in to fame in Singaporean television by acting in some Chinese-language and English-language television dramas which is produced by the SPH MediaWorks and MediaCorp in the 1900s.

After that he diversified himself into hosting the theatre production. Recently he also performs a small role in the Hollywood movie “Blackhat” starring with Wang Lee Hom and Chris Hemsworth in 2015. Adrian Pang estimated net worth is US $ 25 million and he is ranked at No. 9 in the list of top 10 richest celebrities of Singapore.

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