Top 10 Richest Kids from Malaysia

Thanks to social media, the we are now able to get a glimpse of how the upper class live. In this post, you’ll find ten very wealthy “kids” who have been rich for a long time (probably before you were even approved for your credit card.

Seriously, some of them are literally working their asses off so their third-generation investments don’t bankrupt the family empires.

Chryseis Tan

If Singapore has Kim Lim, Malaysia has Chryseis Tan. It also happens that she is a friend of Kim Lim’s (because of course girls like these know each other).

Daughter of Malaysian billionaire Vincent Tan, Chryseis’s father has interests in a dozen industries and even owns three football clubs around the world. He also has stake in the Los Angeles Football club.

She has a collection of designer bags and is able to travel around the world in a private jet or a helicopter.

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