Top 10 Richest People in Taiwan 2019

10. Luo Jye & family ($3.8 Billion)

Luo Jye founded Cheng Shin Rubber in 1967 as a tire supplier to Taiwan’s then expanding bicycle industry.

Today the company, known as CST, is run by his son Lo Tsai-Jen.

It is one of the world’s largest makers of tires and tubes for motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, cars, bicycles, forklifts and lawn equipment.

9.Jason & Richard Chang ($4 Billion)

Jason is chairman and Richard vice chairman of ASE, the world’s largest independent semiconductor packaging company.

Born in Shanghai, the brothers came to Taiwan after the 1949 revolution on the mainland.

The family made its early fortune in real estate before diversifying into tech.

Jason and Richard control Taiwan-listed real estate developer Sino Horizon Holdings, whose main properties are on the mainland.

8.Barry Lam ($4.2 Billion)

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