These Are The 10 Richest Politicians In India 2019


Our politicians may have questionable work ethics, but that hardly ever stops them to have celebrity like assets. That’s an unfortunately reality we are already aware of. But do you know who are these richest politicians in India?

We have them listed as per their net assets, if you don’t. They may not have a red carpet to walk on and a personal stylist to choose the best clothes for them, but their bank details are bound to awestruck us, the mortals of working class.


Here’s the list of the richest politicians in India.

10. Vivekananda

(Lok Sabha MP, Peddapalli)

Vivekananda is a senior Indian politician and a former MP in the 15th Lok Sabha. His has assets worth Rs. 73 crore.

9. Praful Manoharbhai Patel

(Rajya Sabha MP, Maharashtra)

Praful Patel joined his political career in 1991 and appointed as the Civil Aviation Minister in 2004. He is also the president of All India Football Federation. He has assets worth Rs. 84 crore.

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