Richest Women in Singapore And their Source Of Wealth

Olivia Lum – Hyflux Group CEO ($900 million)

Olivia Lum is not only a top 3 Richest women in Singapore, she also occupies an important role for Singapore’s evolution and development. As she never got to know her biological parents, being adopted at her birth, Olivia Lum was always concerned about the quality of water and how things could be improved in order to provide a healthy water source for people.

After graduating in Chemistry at the Singapore faculty of Science, Olivia Lum started her professional career with Glaxo Pharmaceutics. Here she could work on her own ideas and concepts that were targeted to the Singaporean life improvement, a city where people were suffering from not having proper water sources.

When she left the company in 1989, Olivia Lum, now a top 3 Richest women in Singapore, was only 28 years old. Her childhood struggle and lack of money have prepared her for the years to come, and she had no fear of being poor.

Selling her car and an apartment, Olivia founded the company called Hydrochem and after hiring 3 people, they started producing water filters and chemicals.

She used to deliver them on a motorcycle to people in Singapore and also in Malaysia because the products started to become popular. It was all or nothing for the ambitious chemist who now owns an empire worth of billions of dollars under the name of Hyflux.

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