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SAPS Online Application Form

Download Application for SAPS Internship Programme (South African Police Service)

This is the internship application form that requests common information required when applying for internships in the South African Police Service (SAPS).

NB: Please Complete the form in your own handwriting in black ink, applicants with disabilities may apply to utilize

accessible methods of application (Documentation proof disabilitiy to be attached) and attach the following:

  • Certified Copies of ID, Certified copies Senior Certificate and Qualifications (not older than three months)
  • Comprehensive Curriculum Vitae

A police internship is a great way to get experience with the SA Police, or SAPS as it is known.  Members of the police are respected in society and contribute to developing our democracy.

An internship with the police can lead to a long and successful career in law enforcement.

As well as the possibility of leading to a career in the police, an internship can also lead to jobs in the traffic police, municipal police or private security.


There are many different internships available with the police.

SAPS application forms for training

Anyone applying for a career with SAPS will have to undergo intense training. Every year SAPS offers leadership within each province of South Africa. Most leadership programs are for a duration of 24 months.

Candidates must apply for SAPS training in the province where they reside. Therefore, SAPS application forms for trainees must be obtained from and submitted (in person) to the SAPS department offices within the region/province in which you live.

The closing date for training applications may differ depending on the different departments of SAPS. Candidates are advised to check the closing date for applications with their local police office.

36 thoughts on “South African Police Service (SAPS) Application Form”

  1. I would really love to be a saps member because I do volunteer at Police station and working hand in hand in trauma centre (VEP) ,the way they help lost people and how interesting they can relocate their family members and how to deal with problems ooh ! How u love that job .

  2. Too much crimes dat are unattended in our country and too many poor people’s cases remain unresolved I wud lyk to be part of de team to try and resolve them

  3. I would like to work in SAPS in order to reduce crime in South Africa it’s always my dream to save surely I rather die for saving people than watching criminals abusing other South Africans.

  4. I like to be one of the crime my country RSA
    To be the man of keep my RSA free from crime,violence and stand against children and woman abuse….to keep a free society.

  5. To Recruitment office SAPS

    I am Robert Arthur Modisenyane.

    I am former Police official for more than 10 years …I resiged in 2015 and since than I tried to be re-enlisted from 2016 until due date.

    I did not know I had a criminal record I have enquired while serving the SAPS. I was accepted and called for interviews which resulted invain because of the criminal record …..I therefore applied for expungement and my criminal record was in did expunged:
    as per Attachments

    Pls help with any information as to how do I reapply again .
    Pls if the matter is not with your department please refare me to the relavant person / Office / Deparment

    Yours fathufully :
    LRA Modisenyane

  6. This is just fake, no one is being recruited from this website, it’s all just a scheme, thanks for wasting the time for great south africans

  7. I would like to reduce crime in our community as whole and iam a hard worker …iam interested i rly need this job

  8. I want to work for my country and protect people from criminals and make sure every I do my work

  9. I live in a community that crime is going up on a daily basis I would like to join the SAPS to help reduce the crime rate in my community

  10. I would love to join the SAPS hand in hand with the community…. So that they don’t take matters in there own hands an see that we as the police are trying to do our best….. To prevant crime in our Nation….. I am very proud to be a south African an to help those in need

  11. I just want to decrease crime rate in South Africa and create a better future For the next generation. Judging by the crimes that are taking place in our country, you find out that most of the people who are doing are the youth so we have to make example so that the future youth for the future wont make any mistake by involving themselves in crimes or being crimminals or thugs. We must protect our country and I believe that if we work together we end these crimes in South Africa because there is power in Unity.

  12. is time for crime to stop and our south africa wil b safe I want to be police officer in order to serve our coubtry the way it should be served

  13. I want to fight crime in my location called Joe Slovo that’s why I would love to work as a South African Police

  14. I want to work for SOUTH AFRICAN POLICE SERVICE I want to save lives and to stop violence.

  15. I want to work for SA I can even see here around EC Ngcobo it’s full of crime Thay like to use Gun’s sow I don’t like some of other things coz I know those people thay r doing this crime. My problem I don’t have matric certificate I need a help sow I can get a job I will show wat I can do for SA. Xolani

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