10 Best Ways To Save Money In Singapore

Singapore is the most expensive place in the world to live in, you have to be made of 43% cold hard cash to survive here. But does that mean we have to wordlessly succumb to the expenses accrued upon us?

No! Put your wallet back into your pocket, cease entering the 6 digit pin into the ATM machine, step back from the ledge because here at Shopback we’ve compiled a list to help you save some cash.

GrabCar it
It’s best to take public transport but if you’re really in a rush, try to grab a Grabtaxi instead of a peak hour infused cab. Better yet, GrabCar. No extra charges, even during midnight. You’ll even get to meet interesting characters!


Cook at home
It’s great to eat out, but it’s not THAT great to spend your days income on a fistful of spaghetti. Cook at home once a while to save on the moolah.


Cooking at home doesn’t just save you money, it develops skills that help you in the long run. Builds character too!

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