12 Singapore Celebrity Couples Who Found Love At Work

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Who’s dating who? From TV darlings to radio personalities and homegrown

It is surprising how many people have found love at work.

Perhaps seeing each other for hours every day, dealing with common challenges, and sharing highs and lows, are often instrumental in bringing two hearts together.

Take a look at 12 Singapore celebrities who found love at work!

Felicia Chin and Jeffrey Xu

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Talk about unexpected beginnings.

Both Chin and Xu were winners of local talent hunt Star Search – she won in 2003 and he in 2010.

Felicia Chin and Jeffrey Xu got closer as friends on the set of period blockbuster The Journey: Our Homeland (2015), where they played mother and son!

Their feelings however intensified when they worked together on Ch 8 drama Life — Fear Not.

Last year, they finally revealed that they were seeing each other.

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