Singapore Celebrity Couples Who Found Love At Work

Andrea De Cruz and Pierre Png

A beautiful story, this.

Pierre Png was smitten when his eyes fell on Andrea De Cruz coming out of a hair salon with a new hairdo. But, he was attached back then.

Years later, they ended up working together on a play, and Png, then single, asked her out.

Tragedy struck the love birds in 2002, when De Cruz suffered from liver failure after consuming Slim 10 pills. Png, her fiance then, heroically donated part of his liver and saved her life.

They got married in 2003, amidst uncertainties that her body might one day reject the liver. For this reason, the couple don’t have kids.

Pierre Png was once quoted as saying, “Just seeing a smile on Andrea’s face, just knowing she’s alright and safe makes me very happy.”


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