Singapore Celebrity Couples Who Found Love on Set

It is surprising how many people have found love at work.

Perhaps seeing each other for hours every day, dealing with common challenges, and sharing highs and lows, are often instrumental in bringing two hearts together.

Here’s taking a look at 11 Singapore celebrities who found love at work!

Fann Wong and Christopher Lee

Apparently, this power couple first met in 1995 in Brave New World. It was in Return of The Condor Heroes (1998) that they first acted as a couple. Since then, they have been paired together in many shows like Looking For Stars (2000) and Madam White Snake (2001).

And so, it wasn’t surprising that love blossomed between the two, and they got married in 2009. Their adorable toddler Zed just turned 3 on National Day this year!

Though they decided to never again play a couple onscreen after their marriage,Fann Wong and Christopher Lee are getting back together this year in Channel 8 drama Doppelganger (premiering in March next year), and Chinese thriller film Yi Nian (slated to open at the end of the year).

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