Top 10 Singapore Celebs From 10 Years Ago And How They Look Now


Nicholas Lee is still Ronnie

6. Nicholas Lee, 50, managing director of production company XXX Studios

Nicholas Lee, who runs his own production firm now, still gets called Ronnie (left), his character on Under One Roof. Images: The New Paper File, Daniel Neo for The Sunday Times

Best known for: Playing Ronnie on TV sitcom Under One Roof (1995 – 2001; 2003)

Strangers on the street are still calling him Ronnie.

He stopped acting full time when his acting contract with the TV station, which was then known as Television Corporation of Singapore, ended in 2000. His contract was not renewed.

And so he went behind the scenes instead, partnering his friend Bernard Oh in 2002 to start the production company XXX Studios. The company produces original programmes for various platforms and also has visual effects and event management arms.


Lee says his company’s name has nothing to do with pornographic films.

He takes on the occasional acting gig when he has time, most recently doing guest role spots on shows such as crime drama Code Of Law and period drama Mata Mata.

The proud father of two girls, aged three and 11/2, with his 32- year-old producer wife, Lee gamely shows off his daughters’ photographs on his smartphone.

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