Top 10 Singapore Celebs From 10 Years Ago And How They Look Now


I not fat anymore

7.¬†Eric Huang, 25, master’s in business administration graduate

Eric Huang, who played chubby Terry Khoo (left) in the I Not Stupid series, maintains his trim body by cutting out unhealthy foods and exercising. Image: Courtesy of Eric Huang

Best known for: Playing Terry Khoo in I Not Stupid (2003), the serialised television version of Jack Neo’s hit 2002 movie of the same name I not stupid. Or fat.

More than a decade after playing the naive and chubby schoolboy Terry in the I Not Stupid franchise, Eric Huang has morphed into a hunk.

The once rotund boy now hits the gym regularly and diets to maintain his lean 70kg physique.

He started shedding his baby fat when he hit puberty, but it was not until last year that he started using the treadmill seriously, playing basketball and watching his food intake – cutting out fried food and most sugary items.


And while Terry struggled with his studies, Huang has done better.

After high school at United World College here, he left for his native Taiwan to pursue a bachelor’s degree in risk management at the National Chengchi University.

He also has a master’s in business administration from the same school and is now waiting to enlist for mandatory military service in Taiwan.


The elder of two children born to a housewife and a furniture company manager, he appeared in a few more films after his debut, such as Homerun (2003) and Colour Of Hope (2007), but never wanted to be a full-time actor, he says.

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