10 Singaporean/Malaysian Slangs that Actually have Other Funny Meanings



When you want to say someone is horny or perverted, you use this term. What ham sap actually means is “salty wet”, coming from the cantonese meaning. Hmm so are you feeling salty wet today?

Kan Cheong Spider

To describe someone who is super uptight or anxious. This Cantonese/Hokkien term suggests that you are a tight long spider. So when you are nervous, you transform to a spider!

Kalang Kabut

When you are so confused, you don’t even know what your name is. So you just go scrambling around making a lot of banging noise. This…actually kind of makes sense?



Oh, that person is really nice and easygoing. He has a casual attitude. So he’s a green vegetables. Or when you don’t know what drink to order, and you say cincai (meaning anything), the server brings you a plate of vegetables.

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