10 Thoughts About Singapore Polytechnic That Only SP Students Would Understand

They say that each school is unique and quirky, and all students who have been to each school will have different thoughts, different expectations and different memories. Well, are you a Singapore Polytechnic student? If you are, you’ll probably understand where I’m coming from, right?

Here are 10 thoughts about Singapore Polytechnic only SP students will understand. If you were one, do you get me?

If you have class at the Hilltop and you’re late, it’s basically like running a marathon to get there.
If you’re a business school student, you’ll understand the pain of rushing to class and climbing up that damn hill. I mean, yes, it conveniently provides you with all the exercise you need for that day but your calves’ muscles will be sore and tired by the time you’re done rushing up the hill. Not to mention, there’s still a whole lot more steps to conquer once you’re done with the hill.

That said, you’ll never want to walk from hilltop to the design school.
No, just no. Believe me, I’ve tried it once and never again.

The chicken rice store at Food Court 3 is literally heaven.
And so is the Ayam Penyet at FC 2 and FC 6.

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