Top 10 Countries All Singaporeans Would Love to Visit At Least Once in Their Lives



Singaporeans love Japanese food, with many of them being anime fans too. So it’s not a far stretch to say that most Singaporeans would love to visit Japan, especially since their weather is much cooler (except maybe in summer) and they can even experience snow!

Tokyo is famous for many good reasons, while Kyoto has been named the best city in the world twice in a row by Travel + Leisure.


Singaporeans would visit Korea for their superb Korean barbeques and other food, along with seeing the place where K-pop originated from.

Visit some of their famous cities like Seoul, or dress up in one of their traditional outfits like the Hanbok and go down their folk villages. You’ll feel like you’re in a completely different world!



As dangerous as it may be, it is still a beautiful place in the world. With plenty of wildlife not found in Singapore, take a trip to the famous Great Barrier Reef or drop by Sydney for the beaches and city.

This is an especially good time to go too, because Australia’s currency value has dropped.

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