Top 10 Countries All Singaporeans Would Love to Visit At Least Once in Their Lives


Venice, the place of art and museums with buildings seemingly rising out of the water, or Siena, a place dominated by soaring architecture and their cultural local delicacies?

Hard choices to make. Castello di Casole, a five-star mansion or castle, from Siena has also been voted one of the best hotels in Europe. Of course, there’s also Rome and its magnificent sights…


Filled with World Heritage Sites like Stonehenge, England is a place of rich history.

Enjoy the bustling city life of London or drop by Manchester to see its growing array of galleries, libraries and art centers. Of course, there’s the ever-popular British accent to learn too!


Taipei, a place well-known for its plethora of street food. Tea, dumplings, noodles, you can find all sorts of Chinese delicacies here. If you go, visiting their famous night market is a must!

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