Singaporean Celebrities And Their Jobs Before They Became Famous


2. Paige Chua

What she learned: Empathy

Where she learned it: Working at an electronics factory

If you thought Paige Chua’s former career as a Motorshow girl (pictured above) was unexpected, you’ll be surprised to learn that this Subaru babe-turned-actress once worked in a factory.

“I always wanted to be independent of my parents, and I wanted to try different things before settling into a real job,” Paige said. “So I sent a resume to be a factory worker, like [it said] I just graduated from secondary school, haha! So bad!”

To her delight she actually got the job, so for three months, she and a friend assembled parts. From there, she got to interact with people from different walks of life. Now, Paige credits the experience for helping her understand the characters she plays on TV.

“We made friends with a lot of aunties [and were able to] see what it feels like being a part of the assembly line, living their lives and all that,” she said. “I think the most important [thing I learned]

, or skill, was to interact with different levels of people. I’m not royalty, but I come from a middle class family, so there are areas whereby I wouldn’t know as much as other people who are more privileged, or underprivileged, because I’m in the middle. So by doing all these jobs, I get to learn about people from different backgrounds. As an artiste now, I need to take on diverse roles, roles of different backgrounds, [so it helped me] kind of understand why my characters behave the way they do, all the different reasons. It helped me understand life a bit more.”

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