Singaporean Celebrities And Their Jobs Before They Became Famous


5. Ya Hui

What she learned: How to think on your feet

Where she learned it: Working as a secretary

Before Ya Hui entered Star Search, she was the secretary to the General Manager of Shaw Towers Realty for six months after her A-Levels. This being her first and only job in the corporate world, Ya Hui was thrown into the deep end and the experience was an eye-opener for the 19-year-old.

“I was like a PA (personal assistant). I had to make appointments, schedule and attend meetings with my boss. I also tried taking minutes but I didn’t do it properly, it was just scribbles,” laughed Ya Hui, adding that she also got the chance to sit in in interviews with potential new hires, never mind that she was a newbie herself and basically clueless when it came to HR matters.


“I didn’t know anything at that time but it was very exciting. I interviewed a few people and I even asked questions. After that I will discuss with the panel to see which candidate is better and make recommendations to my boss. Now I know roughly what kind of questions the management and hirers will ask [during interviews], what kind of answers we are looking for, and how to sell yourself. These are a few skills that I picked up.”

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