Singaporean Celebrities And Their Jobs Before They Became Famous


6. Ben Yeo


What he learned: How to move out of your comfort zone

Where he learned it: Working as a shampoo boy

Ben Yeo confessed that he pulled strings to land a gig as a hairdressing trainee at celebrity hairstylist David Gan’s salon, Passion, 18 years ago. Armed with a willingness to learn, but with zero relevant skills or experience, he had to start with basic hairdressing techniques like shampooing, blow drying, and haircutting – a process that even talented people can take years to complete.

“It is really not easy. Even when it comes to shampooing, there are techniques involved. My most memorable experience was when I had to shampoo a customer’s waist length hair, which was about one metre long. I was stunned when I saw it,” he recalled.

While Ben hung up his scissors after two months, the experience came in handy when he had to host beauty related programmes like Hair Challenge. And as a family man, he was also able to put his simple hairdressing skills to good use. “I trim both my sons’ hair and most of the time, I style my own hair for my shows. It is faster to just do it myself. Unless the show requires a particular look for example the Elvis Presley ‘do in King of Thrift, then I will get the professionals to do it. You need one and a half hours to achieve that look. They gave up after the first season and decided to just let me wear a wig!”

Photo: Ben Yeo

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