Singaporean Celebrities And Their Jobs Before They Became Famous


8. Sheila Sim

What she learned: The power of teamwork

Where she learned it: Packing hampers for a gift company

During her teens, Sheila Sim dabbled in a variety of holiday jobs, from data entry to selling Christmas trees, but the most memorable was wrapping hampers. There, she learnt the art of assembling and wrapping hampers to concealing mistakes by “using a packet of peanuts to cover it”. Her largest takeaway? The importance of teamwork at any job.

“I understood the whole system of how teamwork works. I can wrap a very nice hamper but if I don’t have a good sales person to sell it then this wouldn’t sell,” said Sheila. “Honestly, I think for a student, any job is a good job. You know that money is hard earned and you also learn about yourself better. From this job, I learned that I am more suited for more hands on work and cannot do sales because I am not good at selling things for the sake of it.”


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