Ladies, Here are 10 Reasons Why You Should Go For Singaporean Guys Instead of Ang Mohs

With globalisation and media influences, local girls who are long used to Western cultures often like to go for Angmoh boyfriends. Increasingly, cross-border marriages are also becoming more and more common.

However, many Singaporean guys may find themselves in lack of a local admirer since most local girls don’t have eyes for them. Well, sometimes Singaporean boyfriends can be 10 times better than an Angmoh.

Singaporean boyfriends share the same background
This may not sound like much but having the same background means that you will have a lot less differences when you’re dating. You won’t have to think about how to give in to him all the time or get angry when he doesn’t understand where you’re coming from.

They have more common topics
Come on, you will have so many more things to talk about simply because you grew up in the same environment, went through the same events and can relate to each other better. Of course, with non-Singaporeans, you can also talk about hobbies and other things, it’s just that there are more things to share before you have a common ground.

You won’t have to worry about travelling
Not saying that your Singaporean boyfriend will never be based abroad or your Angmoh boyfriend is not staying in Singapore. Just that, based purely on statistics, people with Angmoh boyfriends find themselves having to travel to and fro so as to maintain the relationship.

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