Ladies, Here are 10 Reasons Why You Should Go For Singaporean Guys Instead of Ang Mohs


Nor long-distance relationships
Same logic over here. You won’t have to worry about skype-ing, requesting for leave and missing your boyfriends on lonely days. It is trust and love that matters but not all LDR work out well.

They share common cultures
Even though you may be pretty much exposed to Western cultures or are very open to accepting everything your boyfriend has got offer, it is often too idealistic to think so. Your perception is mostly based on what the media portrays and your influences are adapted to suit Singaporeans. You may find yourself having a really hard time simply getting to know his background.


And preferences
Food is one big thing you have to argue about. Can you really give up your sudden local cravings just to accommodate him? What about places that you want to go? Activities you want to do? Cultures do affect differences in preference.

They can understand your Singlish well
You don’t have to fake that accent nor polish your English skills. You won’t have to take forever to explain what you mean.

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