Ladies, Here are 10 Reasons Why You Should Go For Singaporean Guys Instead of Ang Mohs


They are easier to ‘bully’
Saying this, I simply mean that Singaporean men are better at giving in to ladies. With your Angmoh boyfriend, he is probably used to independent women and insisting on his own opinions. Not that there’s anything wrong but he just won’t give in to you as easily.

Your parents will love them more
Don’t really have to explain this. No matter what, parents still prefer someone who can understand them and who will stay close to them.


Many famous celebrities have married Singaporean men
Not mentioning the locals, many international stars are also interested in our guys. Gong Li is one who was married to one. Hong Kong-based actress Charlie Young is married to another. So, there really must be something that is attractive about them, right?

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