10 Things Singaporeans Do In The Name Of “Good Luck”

The racial diversity in cosmopolitan Singapore, where our different ethnic groups live and interact in harmony, is a marvel. On our small city-island, we have intermingled over the years to share certain common customs and beliefs and still keep some unique ones as well.

Most, if not all, Singaporeans do follow some form of superstition regardless of religion. Be it at home, at work or out travelling. Do you know which ethnic groups practice these customs? And how many of these do you believe in?

1. Friday the 13th is an inauspicious date for work and major events

Singapore Good Luck

Image credit: pixabay.com

Singapore was previously a British colony, so there is definitely a little Western influence on our beliefs. When the 13th day of a month falls on a Friday in the Gregorian calendar, many would lament that it will not be a good day.

This is regardless of which ethnic group you are in but more so in our Eurasian community. Most will stay away from making major decisions and try to get through the day peacefully.

2. Go on a pilgrimage in the hopes of improving health and wealth

Singapore Good Luck

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We all may know of friends or family members who make a trip once a year to Thailand to pray or join pilgrimage tours to Mecca or Rome.

These trips are most of the time associated with religion but also believed to improve one’s well-being overall by devoting some time to God.

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