10 Things Singaporeans Do In The Name Of “Good Luck”

5. Carrying auspicious items or placing auspicious items in homes

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There are different auspicious items that each ethnic groups carry or place in homes.

For Eurasians, the Four Leaf Clover is a rare variation of the clover and is believed to be a lucky charm with each leaf representing faith, hope, love and luck. Wearing a horseshoe with the open end up is also believed to protect the wearer from harm and evil.

The Chinese community has a huge variety of auspicious items they carry around such as amulets and also the Chinese chimerical creature – Qi Lin that cannot be touched by anyone else but the owner. The Chinese also places lucky charms at home like a toad with a coin in the mouth which brings wealth or a crystal water fountain as water represents wealth.

Most of the Malay community are Muslims who don’t believe in the element of luck. However, some do burn amber as incense at home, as a superstition to protect against evil spirits.

The portion of the Indian community who are Hindus often place elephant figurines by doorways as they are symbols of wisdom, power, loyalty, intelligence, strength and luck. It is also commonly believed that salt attracts wealth and ward off evil. Some place a few grammes of sea salt in a small plastic bag, which is then placed inside their wallet. Sea salt placed inside small plastic containers can also be placed in all the corners of your home to attract wealth.

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