10 Singaporeans Who Didn’t Have a Degree yet Made it Big in Life


Too many graduate-wannabes, too few university places. That’s what happening in Singapore right now.

Although the Government keeps telling us that Singapore can’t be 100% full of university graduates and that there is no need to go to university to succeed, not many people listen.

However, it is true that you can still succeed without a degree. Just look at these Singaporeans!

Jennie Chua

Image: capitaland.com

She first started out as a teacher in St. Margaret Secondary School, after dropping out of university due to financial problems. After quitting her job as a teacher, she became a hotel trainee, slowly rising through the ranks to take charge of Ascott, a Capitaland subsidiary. She is now the president and CEO of the Ascott Group, and also holds important board positions in other companies.


Mark Lee

Image: cinemaonline.sg

While you drink your favourite Old Town White Coffee, don’t forget this famous actor who was the one who brought the brand over from Malaysia. Despite his mediocre education background, he now owns his own production company along with the Monsoon chain of salons.

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