10 Unusual Jobs in Singapore Which Earn More Money Than Yours

4. Perfumer

You’ll need a good nose, but if you can distinguish between fragrance notes like vanilla and tuberose, perfumery could be a satisfyingly creative career. To begin, you’ll need training in the art of fragrances. Luckily, legendary Paris perfumer Givaudan has its own APAC academy right here in Singapore.

5. Food Stylist

If you’re always Instagramming your meals, try your hand at proper food styling. You’ll need plenty of creativity and food knowledge, but you’ll also have to be adept at more mundane tasks like organisation and food prep. Problem-solving is crucial, as you’ll need to be able to respond quickly to issues with the food and lighting, or changing client briefs. If you’re up for the challenge, get started with an online food styling course.

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