Best Junior Colleges, Ranked By MOE Cut-Off Points

The latest cut-off points for the 19 institutions were released 2018, when the Ministry of Education (MOE) notified students of the schools they were posted to for the new year.

Raffles Institution and Hwa Chong Institution were the two toughest JCs to get into, with cut-off points of three and four for its science and arts courses.

Its entry scores were seven and six points for its arts and science courses respectively.

Just seven years ago, its entry requirement for both courses was 10 points.

Here are the Top Junior Colleges of Singapore, based on their 2017 cut-off points released by MOE

1. Hwa Chong Institution

Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) is an independent institution in Singapore offering secondary and pre-university education.

A Ministry of Education-designated FutureSchool, Hwa Chong Institution operates under the Special Assistance Plan (SAP) for bilingualism, and offers the Integrated Programme (IP) and the School Based Gifted Education Programme (SBGE).

Hwa Chong has been a top feeder school for international students to University of Oxford and University of Cambridge.  The institution is also a member of Strategic Alliance of Global Educators and Strategic Educational Alliance of Southeast Asia.

2. Raffles Institution (RI)

ounded in 1823, is the oldest school in Singapore for pre-tertiary education. It is an independent school, providing secondary education through a boys-only Year 1-4 section and pre-university education through a coeducational Year 5-6 section. Its current campus is in Bishan.

RI was among the first schools to receive the Ministry of Education’s School Excellence Award. It is a member of various academic partnerships and alliances, such as the G20 Schools and The Winchester Network. It also co-founded the Global Alliance of Leading-Edge Schools.

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