Top 10 South African Musicians Who Are More Famous Overseas Than At Home

By | July 15, 2017

4 Petite Noir

Half Congolese and half Angolan, Petite Noir is the alias of 24-year-old Yannick Ilunga. He is known for his break-out hit, “Till We Ghosts,” released in 2012 and “Chess” from his latest EP, The King of Anxiety released earlier this year.

He was born in Belgium but moved to Cape Town when he was six years old. He met Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def) in Cape Town, and they discussed music and politics. The encounter was really influential in shaping his growth as an artist. “We were meant to bump into each other.

He really is an activist and taught me a lot about what’s wrong with the world,” the singer told an interviewer from The Guardian UK. Noir even has his own “genre” of music dubbed noir-wave, which he describes as “new-wave with an African aesthetic”.

He’s played at international festivals such as SXSW, Transmusicales in France and has performed with Solange a few times. She also included him in a compilation of experimental R&B released by her record label, Saint Heron.

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