The 10 Best Martial Arts Schools in Singapore


Led by local fighting legend, Darren da Silva, Fight G is the oldest MMA academy in Singapore. Courses offered at Fight G include boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and MMA, with the option for advanced students to train for competitions. Besides the usual group classes, there is also personal training for those who want a more exclusive experience.

Da Silva is known as a coach who cares for his fighters, and is a certified instructor of numerous disciplines. Fight G is also home to several up and coming fighters such as ONE Championship athlete Brad Robinson, and several winners of local martial arts competitions.

Address: 41C North Canal Road
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 4-10pm, Saturday 12-5pm.


Bruce Lee started his journey in martial arts training under Ip Man, forming his foundation in Wing Chun before progressing to experiment with other martial arts. At this school, training is led by renowned Sifu Chua Kah Joo, whose lineage in the ancient art is directly descended from the legendary Ip Man himself, so you can be assured of the authenticity of instruction.

What’s more, the Wing Chun Kuen Training Centre is a throwback to the old days of martial arts with a respectfully traditional style, resulting in a close-knit group of students with a strong sense of family unity.

Address: Sin Ming Lane, Block 18 Midview City #06-29
Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 7:30-9:30pm, Saturday-Sunday 9-11:00am
Contact: Sifu Chua Kah Joo +65 9624 6895

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