The 10 Richest Men In Asia – List of 10 Wealthiest Men In Asia

7. Tadashi Yanai, Japan, Net Worth: $15.9 billion

Yanai started at the bottom when he used to work for Jusco, a company that sold men’s clothes. Then he went on to assist his father to repair people’s clothes at the roadside.

He worked there for more than 10 years. After gaining the experience, he started his own clothing store ‘Uniqlo’ and also continued his father’s business by renaming and operating it as ‘Fast Retailing’. The success of both the companies has been immense and is continuously named as the richest person in Japan.


Yanai is also charitable like Azim Premji. He has donated large sum of money over the years. Just recently, he donated $8 million to Sendai earthquake victim. But Yanai says that things weren’t easy for him to get the success as he claims that he had made several business errors. Now, it looks more like a learning experience, especially when he has won awards after awards and also named as one of the 50 most influential people in Bloomberg Markets magazine.

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